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Veneers are a beautiful and conservative way to change the appearance of stained, discoloured front teeth and improve the aesthetics of a smile. However, they require maintenance and need be looked after.


Veneers are similar to crowns and are used to cover the outer surfaces of the teeth which are visible when you smile. They may be used if there is severe discoloration or damage to the external surfaces of the teeth, which cannot be corrected by cosmetic bonding.

Aesthetic veneers are custom made, with high precision to simulate the natural contour of a healthy tooth. Our experienced lab technician has the ability to add various details into the surface to match its shape and shade to the surrounding teeth. We can arrange a visit by the lab technician to meet you in order record these details and provide you with a final crown that has a more personal and natural finish.

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How long does crown treatment take?

Two appointments are usually required to construct veneers. A temporary veneer is normally place in the intervening time.

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