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Professional teeth whitening for brighter, more confident smile: Stains can occur for a number of reasons, from the everyday food we consume to bad habits such as smoking.

These stains can discolour the smile and hide its true beauty. However, with our fantastic range of teeth whitening treatments we can rejuvenate your tired, dull smile whatever the level of discolouration.

Depending on the severity of your dental stains we can advise on a particular whitening treatment, which we feel would be best suited to you.

How can you achieve a brighter, whiter smile? Our Tooth-Brightening menu includes:

  • Air Polish Pro sparkling clean
  • Enlighten: guaranteed professional long term results
  • Philips Zoom: Immediate results in just 1 hour, up to 6 shades whiter
  • Natural White: A brightening clean, along with a mini-whitening treatment


enlighten at the eledent clinic suttonEnlighten is a breakthrough in professional whitening, which guarantees long lasting results every time. It works through 2 different stages, which involves 14 days of Home Whitening, followed by a 40 minute session of In-office Whitening on the 15th day.

Prior to starting the treatment, your dentist will take impressions (moulds) which are sent to the Enlighten Labs to make you bespoke trays that have a superior seal to prevent leakage. While your trays are being made for you, which usually takes 2 weeks, your dentist will provide with Enlighten's Tooth Serum to prevent sensitivity during the course of the treatment.

You will receive a demonstration of how to use the trays and apply the gel to achieve amazing results.


Eledent enlighten results before
Eledent enlighten results after
Eledent enlighten results shade changes before
Eledent enlighten results shade changes after

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