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At Eledent we are trained in the provision of Invisalign to straighten teeth. If you live in the Sutton, Surrey area, please call in and have a chat to one of our team about how we can help you have the straight teeth you've always wanted.

The team at Eledent explains the health benefits of having Invisalign treatment. When we talk about orthodontic treatment, clear aligners and straightening teeth, the first thoughts are all about aesthetics and a perfect beautiful smile. Of course that is usually the end result that we aim to achieve. straight teeth with invisalign

There are, however, multiple health benefits to correcting misaligned teeth. Only those with an atypical bite would relate to difficulties in eating; for example, simply biting into an apple can not only be difficult but often create embarrassing situations which in turn can lead to modified eating habits.

Misaligned teeth can create abnormal bite patterns; when untreated, the lack of harmony can cause wear, chips and fractures of teeth or any existing fillings and dental work in turn leading to sensitivity and pain. The incorrect bites may also damage the supporting bone and tissues around specific teeth.

Non-specific toothache, jaw and headaches may also be due to an incorrect bite and often we see a patient liberated of pain after a short course treatment with aligners. There is a much higher chance of developing decay and gum disease with crowded, misaligned teeth as brushing and interdental cleaning is made much more difficult. Patients with rotated and crowded teeth often develop inflammed and bleeding gums and require more frequent visits to our hygienist.


dental implant treatment at eledent
dental implant treatment at eledent
dental implant treatment at eledent

Invisalign discount

There is also a psychological aspect to consider. “ I remember always covering my teeth as a teenager as I was so conscious of the gap between my front incisors and it often meant people didn’t quite understand what I was saying”, Dr Felkler explains. The lack of self-esteem can really hold an individual back in society or in employment.

Invisalign uses 3D computer imaging and provides an effective method of treating and rectifying incorrect bites, misalignment and spacing. The technology uses a series of clear customised aligners that need to be worn for the majority of each day. The number of aligners and length of treatment varies and is dependant on the severity of bite problems.

Invisalign Complete Package

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  • Full Dental and Gum Hygiene Session
  • Full Mouth Dental Hygiene Session
  • Tooth Whitening Session
  • Invisalign Treatment including all visits
  • Retainers

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The clear advantages of the treatment versus the traditional orthodontic metal braces is the ability to remove the aligners for eating and cleaning of teeth.

They are discreet and best of all in virtually most cases there is no need to remove existing teeth to create space as is the case with traditional braces, which, means the treatment is suitable for those who are anxious of dental treatment.

Is Invisalign right for you?

To find out whether Invisalign can give you your ideal smile, contact us at Eledent on 0208 6425767.


Step 1 - An Invisalign Treatment Plan made for you.

To make treatment more comfortable for you, we have invested extensively in the latest digital scanning system, so no need for messy moulds and impressions. We start by taking a digital 3D scan of your teeth, which is sent to Invisalign Laboratories. Your personalized treatment plan is then created and sent within a few minutes, showing a 3D video of your own smile and how it will change with treatment through to your final result.

Step 2 - Smiling every step of the way.

At the start of your orthodontic treatment your custom made aligners will each be worn in two-week increments. During this process you will notice your teeth starting to move gradually until they reach the target position. We will monitor your progress through this process at chek-ups and make sure you are comfortable wearing your aligners.

Step 3 - Your straight teeth.

When your teeth move into their final position your treatment will be complete.

Invisalign will suit your lifestyle

Invisalign aligners are removable meaning you can eat anything you want, maintain good oral hygiene, and remove them briefly if you have a special occasions to attend such as weddings or big meetings.


BEFOREEledent enlighten results before
AFTEREledent enlighten results after

BEFOREEledent enlighten results shade changes before
AFTEREledent enlighten results shade changes after


How to put the aligners in and out

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How the aligners straighten your teeth

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